Road Name Info

West Virginia is currently participating in a state wide addressing and mapping project which requires all roads to be named.  Please read the information before calling the Lewis~Gilmer Addressing Office.

The following contains only some of the guidelines we must consider when naming or renaming a road:

  1. A drive way with two or more addressable structures, or exceeding seven hundred feet in length.
  2. Duplicate or unclear road names in your county.
  3. New subdivisions/development
  4. Changes that will impact the fewest residents
  5. No U.S. or WV state routes will be renamed. Ex. US Hwy 33 W, WV Hwy 5, WV HWY 18

Anyone requesting a road name or change must agree to be responsible for:

  1. Do not use an individual or family name (this includes first, middle or last name(s))
  2. Providing at least three names that the residents of the road have agreed upon.
  3. Determine that the name(s) have not been used within the county or any version of such name. (Ex. Olive Street, Olive Road, Olive Drive, Olive Lane)
  4. Ascertain whether a public hearing was held about the road, if so, the County Commission had agreed to the name change at that time although a change may be considered it is difficult to justify the inconvenience to everyone.
  5. Obtain a signature from all owners of property abutting the road in question agreeing to the name(s) change.
    No name change will be considered without a majority of the PROPERTY OWNERS agreeing to such a change.
  6. Submitting the appropriate form to the Addressing Office along with the resident signatures of the road in question.

Please contact your neighbors and discuss the options for the new road name. Each owner needs to review and sign the signature page and return completed application to the addressing office. All owners must sign the “Resident Information” page before submitting this application to the addressing office.

Incomplete information will delay the approval process.  Please read the information carefully, if you have any questions contact the Lewis~Gilmer Addressing Office.


Completed requests will be submitted to the County Commission and will be scheduled for the next public general business meeting where a decision will be made thereafter effected parties will be notified of the decision.  If you would like to attend the meeting your road is scheduled for contact this office and we will notify you of the date & time.

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