Address/Map Info

Lewis~Gilmer Addressing & Mapping Office has served Lewis County and Gilmer County since 1997. The office is located in the Lewis County OEM building off of Orchard St behind the Lewis County Senior Citizen Center & the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. While working in the field collecting data or updating our records any representative from this office will be dressed in a polo shirt with the Lewis~Gilmer E-911 Addressing logo and a photo ID Card that is to be worn at all times. The Addressing & Mapping Office is continually collecting data and updating various information on existing structures, roads and streets, after collecting this data we then enter it into mapping software to create new and up to date maps. All the personal information we collect on each address such as Name(s), phone number, Post Office Box(s) are kept confidential & we do not “track down or find” people using our data for the public, the data we have is used by the 911 dispatchers to assist in locating a residence or landmark. When a call is placed to 911 the dispatcher that answers the call will immediately have a map that is focused on the physical address location the Phone Number has associated to it, this association is made by the phone company that provides you with service, if the information provided to the company is out of date or wrong it can cause a delay in dispatching emergency services. Incorrect data can easily be fixed by calling the customer service number for your phone provider and asking to update your PHYSICAL address, this address can be different from your mailing address they have on record, such as if you have a Post office box.

The maps that we have are used by other local government & private offices such as the Assessor’s, Voter’s Registration, Economic Development Authority, Office of Emergency Management, C.E.R.T., Convention & Visitors Bureau, WV Fish & Wildlife Service, Animal Control, and many others.  These maps supply an abundance of information including road names, rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands, marshes, railroads, bridges, mines, flood plains, topology, communication towers, oil/gas wells, and many more items.

Office Hours
Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Closed daily from 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Closed on all holidays approved by the Lewis County Commission